C ardinal S tructural D esign I nc.

Customer Testimonials

"Cardinal's attention to detail, sensitivity to schedule, familiarity with local construction practices, and knowledge of structural engineering principles make them a perfect fit for our projects."

Concrete Structures of the Midwest, Inc.

"Cardinal Structural Design, Inc. provided me with a thorough design and construction package that included excellent design consideration, fast review and accurate CAD drawings."
Michele N. Dauns, Architect

"Cardinal Structural Design, Inc. continues to provide exceptional service to Northfield Block. Their in-depth knowledge of the segmental retaining wall industry, attention to detail and design principles has made all of our projects a success."

Northfield Block Company

"Cardinal Structural Design, Inc. met all of our expectations for service and schedule. They were always available and responsive to design changes as the project evolved."

Glenn Serdar, Architect

"CSDI has been prompt, complete, careful and reasonably priced. Their designs have shown a great degree of being economical. Without question, I will recommend CSDI to any owner that we do business with."

Midwest Construction Management, Inc.

"Cardinal Structural Design, Inc. has been a real asset for Unilock since 2002. CSDI has helped us to be much more timely and flexible with the designs for our walls. CSDI has helped us to stay within our budget for engineered designs while meeting all deadlines. This service has allowed us to look better to our customers."

Unilock Inc.

"I am a custom builder of single family residence homes in the Chicago suburbs who is pleased to say that my experience with Cardinal Structural Design, Inc. was outstanding. The charges were reasonable and the work was detailed and understandable.

Initially I found myself faced with a very complicated situation resulting from an inadequate design by the original architect for a 10,000 square foot home with a very large, complex flat roof. Because the problems were not apparent until after most of the roof had been completed, the task of achieving adequate structural details was much more challenging than starting from the beginning. We decided a complete structural review of the home and blueprint was required before deciding how to address the many areas of concern. One of the primary worries given the serious nature of some of the deficiencies was overly conservative solutions that would result in an unnecessarily high repair bill. Matt Mazza was sensitive to this and proved to be very realistic and totally professional in his approach. He was willing to consider alternate solutions to help control the cost when the first or second idea seemed quite difficult or expensive.

The overall project required numerous site visits and meetings with changes totaling well over $20,000. Unfortunately, this turned out to be an extensive job. I think Matt would agree that some of the fixes were a "first." Fortunately, the end product is a sound home for my customer who is satisfied knowing he will not experience any problems in the future.

I would not hesitate to use Cardinal Structural Design, Inc. again. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact me."

Robert Alvis, President
Field Stone Custom Homes